The Pierians Foundation, Incorporated

Transforming Generations Through The Arts

(Pictured left to right): Tameka Bell-Robinson, Karen Rawlins, Paticia Whitmore Kendall, Mollie Neal, Lynn Dorman, Patricia Jeter, Sylvia Hollifield, Dorothy Jackson-Christian (Not Pictured): Evelyn Chandler, Fran Armstrong, Angelene JP Doyle, Mary Bracey, Beverly Brown, Faye Logan, Margie Walker, Barbara Jarvis, Marlene Hogan, Robyn Francis 


  • President:  Lynn Dorman [Baltimore, MD]
  • 1st Vice President:  Tameka Bell-Robinson [Baltimore County, MD]
  • 2nd Vice President:  Karen Rawlins [Montgomery County, MD]
  • Recording Secretary:  Evelyn Chandler [Columbia, MD]
  • Corresponding Secretary:  Rose Wiggins [Baltimore County, MD]
  • Financial Secretary:  Marlene Hogan [Pittsburgh, PA]
  • Treasurer:  Angelene JP Doyle [Prince George's County, MD]
  • Parliamentarian:  Robyn Francis [Pittsburgh, PA]
  • Chaplain:  Fran Armstrong [Montgomery County, MD]

General Directors

  • Mary Bracey [Columbia, MD]
  • Beverly Brown [Baltimore County, MD]
  • Patricia Jeter [Atlanta, GA]
  • Dorothy Jackson-Christian [Montgomery County, MD]
  • Sylvia Hollifield [Detroit, MI]
  • Paticia Whitmore Kendall [Baltimore, MD]
  • Faye Logan [Richmond, VA]
  • Margie Walker [Pittsburgh, PA]
  • Barbara Jarvis [President,The Pierians, Inc.]
  • Mollie Neal [Immediate Past President, The Pierians Foundation, Inc.]

Advisory Board  

Rhonda King Henley 
Montgomery Co., MD

Manager, Partner (Channel) Operations

CISCO Systems, Inc.


Camellia Blackwell Taffel PhD

Columbia, MD

Artist and Proprietor of Camellia’s Art Studio & Gallery;

Founder, International Center for Artistic Development